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Ivans, 03 May 2021

unfortunately the last 2 times we have ordered there have been issues. last night 1 meal was missing.... they did redeliver but took over 45 mins for the missing meal to come.. the only salad on it was onion and the meat was crispy... 1 unhappy husband

Becci, 03 May 2021

  Reply : we are sorry that you have had a bad experience.. we would like to compensate for our mistake with one free item of your choice next time you order. Thank you x

Completely missed salad off on a order, not hard - 2 x kebabs with salad and sauce.!!!??? Apart from that the food is good.

Marc, 30 Apr 2021

always you dolphin

Andrew, 25 Apr 2021

Always good food

James, 23 Apr 2021

Always really tasty, never had a bad order. And we order a lot!!

Ben, 23 Apr 2021

Very easy to use website. Lots of choice and great deals.

Andrea, 18 Apr 2021

Very good quality food and good value for money.

Nicky, 17 Apr 2021

Enjoy food friendly service

Janice Andrews, 15 Apr 2021

Good good

William, 10 Apr 2021

A little unhappy I had to wait for the pizza. Although I understand mistakes can happen and this is the first time I've ordered and had something missing. Only ordered one pizza, not BOGOF don't know if this was in error or what but I appreciate it either way.

Sally, 02 Apr 2021

Kebabs always good. delivery times normally slow- Order well in advance. Expect 1.5 hr wait times.

Pat, 27 Mar 2021

Food great . Little upset that had to pay delievery driver cash for delievery cost that wasn’t mentioned when ordered food!!

Joey, 27 Mar 2021


Stuart, 18 Mar 2021

always used dolphin, brilliant service and value for money

Andrew, 13 Mar 2021

No drinks with my meal deals

Nessa, 13 Mar 2021

Thank you Dolphin for your patience with me when doing my order and payment over the phone. The whole family have Always enjoyed the meals on offer

Tralena Erbas, 01 Mar 2021

Hi This was our order for tonight below. Instead of the « chose your own pizza « we received a strange pizza with sweetcorn and ham which was really disgusting to us ! The meal also didn’t come with a dribk. Very disappointed Letty - Sent from my iPhone On 28 Feb 2021, at 20:32, Dolphin Kebab House wrote:  Hooray! Your order has been placed. Thank you for ordering from Dolphin Kebab House. Your order has been placed and sent to the takeaway. If you need to modify your order, please call us on 01304213341. Please make sure that any modification/cancellation is made within 5 minutes of placing the order. ORDER SUMMARY Order ID : 408888382 From: Delivered to: Dolphin Kebab House, 43 High St, Dover, Kent, CT16 1EB 1 Primrose Road, Dover, CT17 0FP 1 X 19b. 12inch Free Choice £ 11.80 Standard Crust Onions Ham Pepperoni Mozzarella Cheese 1 X 22. Quarter Pounder with Cheese £ 3.50 Onions Lettuce Tomatoes Garlic Sauce 1 X 41b. Large Onion Rings £ 3.10 1 X 49. 7pcs Chicken Nuggets and Chips £ 4.70 Garlic Sauce Subtotal £ 23.10 Service charge £ 0.40 Total £ 23.50 Comments : For the meal please provide can of dr pepper or fanta please For further assistance, please click on Live chat Powered by : | Unsubscribe

Letty Pinson, 28 Feb 2021

  Reply : Hello sorry about the pizza! if you call next time we will replace all the missing items for free

Use here all the time when visiting. Always tasty food and never had any complaints.

Sally, 27 Feb 2021

Just had the most amazing Donna kebab, it was perfectly cooked and they supplied loads of my favourite chilli peppers and sauce...

Maggie Vardon, 20 Feb 2021

Bern using dolphines for years would never ever not use them

Denise, 20 Feb 2021

I had a half price discount code. But there was no where to enter it?...

Sarah, 19 Feb 2021


Chloe, 19 Feb 2021

Lovely x

Laitha, 18 Feb 2021

Absolutely lovely food. Gorgeous. Definitely order again.

John, 15 Feb 2021


Laitha, 13 Feb 2021